Sunday, December 16, 2018

Without Me

Without Me is a single by Halsey. The music video accompanying the song portrays Halsey and a man she is in a relationship in a fictional capacity; the relationship is pernicious in nature and the song, according to the American music artist, documents her past romances and also relationships she had kept an eye on.

thank u, next

thank u, next is a single from Ariana Grande's upcoming music album. The lyrics to the song speaks briefly of a handful of romantic relationships which the American music artist has had, which includes a comedian and a backup dancer. The music video to the song is very interesting: it hints of four films, which is inclusive of Legally Blonde and Mean Girls.

Monday, November 19, 2018

The Devil We Know

This film was a part of the U.S. Documentary Competition program at the Sundance Film Festival (2018).

When DuPont introduced Teflon to the American market, it transformed the kitchen. But a chemical used to manufacture those products is now present in the bloodstream of a majority of the population. The documentary The Devil We Know focuses on the facts behind that story - the public awareness of it, it’s effect on the environment and on people’s lives, and on DuPont.

Seeing Allred

This film was a part of the U.S. Documentary Competition program at the Sundance Film Festival (2018).

Gloria Allred is a much-criticized feminist but she is effective in garnering the rights of women in places where it’s required, such as in toy stores where discriminatory behavior based on gender is on and domestic violence in the O.J. Simpson Trial; this documentary sheds a light on her very interesting feminist battles.

Hale County This Morning, This Evening

This film was a part of the U.S. Documentary Competition program at the Sundance Film Festival (2018).

Hale County This Morning, This Evening won the U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Creative Vision at Sundance - the film contrasts African American predictabilities with the south to invoke the sentiments of that diaspora in the Black Belt.


This film was a part of the U.S. Documentary Competition program at the Sundance Film Festival (2018).

Hal Ashby - the director of films, such as Harold and Maude and Shampoo, had a peculiar cinematic vision for which he was constantly at odds with Hollywood. It’s part of the reason why he could never match his contemporaries’ level of cinematic worthiness, and this documentary combs through Ashby’s interviews and audio recordings to reveal his life and times as a creative individual.

Dark Money

This film was a part of the U.S. Documentary Competition program at the Sundance Film Festival (2018).

Dark Money explores the toxic phenomenon of undisclosed and random money inflows to influence a political campaign, which has even resulted in targeted smear campaigns to persuade voters to vote for political figures more aligned with corporate interests.

Crime + Punishment

This film was a part of the U.S. Documentary Competition program at the Sundance Film Festival (2018).

Crime + Punishment won the U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Social Impact Filmmaking at Sundance this year - what I liked about the movie was that it bravely brought to the surface stories regarding the American police force, such as racially discriminatory behavior and the banished ‘an eye for an eye’ officer policy.


This film was a part of the U.S. Documentary Competition program at the Sundance Film Festival (2018).

The documentary film Bisbee sharply cuts through the daily noise generated by the immigration debate in the United States, by presenting personal stories connected with miners who were affected by the Bisbee Deportation (1917).

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Liberalism in Europe Might Be in Peril in the Future


President Macron’s party recently joined the European alliance, ALDE.

Recently, President Emmanuel Macron’s political party — En Marche!, joined the Alliance of Democrats and Liberals for Europe (ALDE). The European alliance has a tolerant nature and it counts several parties from numerous European countries as its members, such as the Liberal Democrats (a British political party) and the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (a Dutch political party).

ALDE as an alliance has rolled itself out as a savior of Europe’s main ethics at a time when certain non-liberal values, such as authoritarian values, threaten to put them into peril. In my outlook, in the contemporary age, liberal values cannot be crushed by values which do not honor the freedom which Europeans have to have unique stances or formulate their own judgments over any subject in the world because people have those basic rights. However, the alliance recently shockingly stated that non-liberal values could, in the future, give birth to cultural discord in the continent.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Is Socialism A Good Match For The US?


Will socialism change the country for the better?

Socialism champions public proprietorship which means that it is a kind of order that can help with the nurturing of industries. In the United States, socialism is creeping into policy suggestions which are winning at the popularity stakes. But is practicing socialism in the country a good idea?

History shows that it is not: in developing nations, such as Cuba, a socialist agricultural model could have made availability of cheap food a reality but only if a small number of workers had felt motivated enough to appetite the demands of production. This is a major problem with that model and a reason why local sectors, such as the education sector, cannot be restructured with the help of socialism.

I think, for the United States, socialism as an order sounds good theoretically but not on paper because another major problem with practicing socialism is that the order would increase the tax rate to help poor people. A development of that type would be quite prejudiced unless the increase only applies to Americans who command big incomes.