Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Capital Letters

Hailee Steinfeld and BloodPop recently collaborated on a song (called Capital Letters) for the soundtrack to Fifty Shades Freed. The song has a larger than life attitude and is also beautifully choreographed - pretty costumes and breathtaking backdrops, provide a very romantic atmosphere to an otherwise seriously dreamy landscape.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Teaser Trailer Of Venom

One of the most-awaited movies of the year, Venom has Eddie Brock getting inhabited and turning into a threatening force. After the surprise casting of Tom Hardy in the lead role, as the most fearful negative character in the Spider-Man franchise, it was tough to grapple what lies in store for the comic book series’ run on screen, but it seems as if the movie is set to impress on those surprising grounds because it is certainly action-packed and thrilling.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow

A young girl must win despite believing she isn't talented

A remarkable tale of a fight to win against all odds: Morrigan Crow is a cursed child, who is always held responsible for all tragic episodes in town because she was born on an unlucky day; also, for that curse, Crow is fated to die at the young age of eleven but then she gets rescued by Jupiter North, who requests Crow to fight other kids in trials for a place in the celebrated Wundrous Society.

I Really Want the Cake

An interesting tale of a naughty girl wanting to eat cake

Small challenges and big wishes: a little girl must fight temptations to eat a cake that her mother has forbidden her to eat.


A nice tale of a bat called Pat, who desires to be a superhero

Pat is a bat, amongst superbats, and they all share the same qualities but Pat has always dreamt of being a special bat, so he must think of a way to do so.

Fergal is Fuming!

The dragon who tries to tackle his problem with temper

A charming book about a fire-breathing dragon who tries to change his ways by observing other animals in action and then doing something about his volatile rage.

Game Night

Game Night (film).png
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Cast: Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams and Kyle Chandler
Director(s): John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein
Rating: 4/10

Avoidable and a tad ridiculous: Brooks is kidnapped on game night and the rest of his group serve only as onlookers to the incident because they think it's actually not happening and that it's only part of the game; the focus of the movie largely shifts away from the protagonists and lands on the side character, making for a half-baked plot, despite the movie largely running on a thrilling enough 'mystery-filled' environment, with (obviously) offbeat tones.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Celebrity Relationships: Real or Fake?

Your favorite love story on-screen is now real - are celeb romances really worth the attention?

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Whenever you see a celebrity, you learn that he or she has had ‘this number of...’ famous romantic relationships, which more often than not seem like they are more about milking their on-screen romances, rather than be fresh and inspiring. Take Vanessa Hudgens, for example: whether she is linked to Zac Efron or Josh Hutcherson, just the fact that her legendary romances on-screen simply transition to real-life romances, so spontaneously, make the tales, at times, sound too good to be true.

Although, Hudgens’ relationships do appear to be great publicity stunts, in part because the romantic tales are so damn good, it makes me wonder out loud about celebrity relationships at large - is the latest celebrity romance just a publicity stunt for a film, or is it just a way to give a celebrity more fame, even though the relationship isn’t true-blue, because one rich celebrity has been spotted hooking up, with another rich celebrity?

Well, it definitely gives the celebrity couple greater power and the ability to get even richer but is it really worth it? To celebrities, it certainly seems so and don’t forget the great romantic profile on the gossip sheets, that a relationship which is purely a publicity stunt, can garner a celebrity. It’s such a great way to remain in the news for celebrities, even when their body of work is punctuated with movies that have rather tepid scripts - I mean, it’s not everyday your favorite celebrity has been spotted in the best film ever.

I know the experience certainly hasn’t been like that for me; if you’re honest with yourself, I’m sure you would feel the same way too because always impressing the audience or even critical POVs is definitely no piece of cake. At the end of the day, no matter what, I feel celebrity relationships should really be taken with a pinch of salt because even though the lives of celebs are entertaining, there is sometimes just too much drama in their romantic relationships to take any of those stories seriously at all.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wellcome Book Prize 2018: The Longlist

The British award for books in the subject of health and medicine - the Wellcome Book Prize, for 2018, made an offbeat selection. From covering the trajectory that the tackling of Alzheimer's disease has been taking to the invention of antiseptic surgery in Victorian London, the books offer unique insights into the world of medicine.

Most of the books chosen this year place the spotlight on the things which modern medicine can do: how technology helps people avoid death these days by kind of turning their bodies into machines, the invention of vaccines and what addiction can do to those who come into close contact of an addict. It's important to note that what I definitely didn't like was that the selection sometimes tended to uncontrollably run towards an uncomfortable permanent grimness, with the issue of death - something like this should never serve as a foundation stone for medicine.

Even though the topic of death looms around medicine a lot because some illnesses still haven't found a cure, the focus of medicine should really be on healing because in today's time, medicine has progressed so much that hardly anything seems out of reach. I must admit, it was actually more pleasant to shockingly discover in the longlist a book on the hardships of life in foster care, with it's very indirect relationship to health.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Too Good At Goodbyes by Sam Smith

Sam Smith's Too Good At Goodbyes is the kind of song, which is at once, melodious and memorable. For the most part, the music video accompanying the track is certainly a sight for sore eyes but what is so much more interesting is that Sam's song really manages to label itself as music worth listening to, by breaking free from what often, in the music climate, is always just white noise, rather than good music.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sugar Money

A novel on the silently bad effects of colonization 

Included in the longlist of The Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction, Sugar Money is a novel on the butchering realities of slavery. Two brothers - slaves belonging to a French monk, are sent off to Grenada (from Martinique) on a ship to recapture more than forty slaves that the British stole; the slaves are to be brought back to aid with the lucrative trade of sugar production - they are supposed to cultivate sugar.

The novel is set in the the 18th Century and the two boys: Emile and his younger brother Lucien, seem like they have perfectly ordinary lives - well, as ordinary as slavery will let on. Firstly, there is a presence of love. Secondly, there is a brotherly relationship which seem more doused in familial-understanding than anything else - it’s the oddest type of relationship, which the harsh realities of slavery could have sprouted. And then there is that childhood spent inside a hospital run by the British, who have forcibly entered Grenada.

But the story is really about slaves: rather than be treated as human beings, slaves are treated as items of trade and (horrifically) whipped. There is a tragic helplessness about them, which the novel brings to life; in the end, it’s the butchering realities, which creates such a grim (and at times even emotional) picture of slavery.